After several months of development, the FORMED services are operational and at your disposal for all your 3D modeling and 3D printing needs. Discover how the project was born.

, Who is FORMED?

FORMED was created by Sébastien Martinerie, independent engineer/designer, passionate about 3D technologies and their most advanced applications. This passion began in 2003. Upon obtaining his HES engineering degree in mechanics (Design and Materials orientation), Sébastien is hired at the powder technologies laboratory of the HES-SO Valais. Among his R&D projects, he develops a promising process for 3D printing with metallic powders. Convinced of the tremendous potential of these technologies, he buys his first 3D printer and creates the Solidmakers workshop that produces models and prototypes for many applications.

He then works for the medical industry, notably at Symbios Orthopédie SA, where he was responsible for the design of custom hip prostheses. This experience is crucial, bringing him skills related to medical imaging and customized medical devices design. He is struck by the added value of a good collaboration between surgeon and engineer and is determined to continue to put his skills at the service of patients and medical applications. In parallel with a training and a designer activity giving him new perspectives, Sébastien does not lose sight of his objectives and is involved with companies active in 3D technologies, particularly in the medical field.

He participates in the creation of the in-house 3D printing service of Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV), a pioneering project in Switzerland. For four years, he has designed and produced hundreds of patient-specific anatomical models for many indications and specialties. In 2018, the findings of an internal study confirm the clinical soundness and potential of medical 3D printing. In economic terms, however, the costs of such a service remain too high for an institution of this size.

Determined to maintain and develop an anatomical modeling activity in the area, Sébastien decides to create his own laboratory, equipped with the latest technological advances. The CHUV and many other institutions and innovative companies have now access to his advanced skills and technologies. The FORMED project is born, and this is only the beginning of the adventure!

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